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Welcome Bookelet

You can personalise and print out dual language Welcome Booklets of vital information for parents and visitors to your school with webapp.

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Translation App: Translate, by Humans, your English Text in 100 languages!

You may need just a sentence or paragraph translated on many occasions. This breakthrough solution demands no minimum charge, and will send a word doc with English and the home language to you within a maximum of 3 working days. For example, if you wished to add a paragraph to the Welcome School form mentioned above, you could just copy and paste it into the Translation App. Then select the language(s) you need and click send.

Once you receive the Word doc, copy and paste it back into the Welcome App or any other document you are preparing. And you can use the same phrase over and over again!

Prices are fixed, regardless of language. £0.10 per word. We ask that you should try send us a sentence at least if possible. Remember, we use humans and not computers. Indeed for many of our home languages, such as Somali, Dari, etc, there is no "Google Translate". You can send us a Purchase Order with your sentence or if you like you may send an advance and draw down from it.

Translation Library